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On-going Representation in Boston at the Black Indian Inn, Director Ebony Three Arrows

"The Black Indian Inn through multicultural traditions... The Cherokee-African-American collective always has a different take on things." -- The Boston Globe

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Guadulesa and Hilario Rivera



 Los Angeles-based artist Guadulesa is known for abstract or loosely figurative works on canvas. She is influenced by Jazz rhythms and healing tones, and she often works improvisationally with musicians and sound artists. Her work features spontaneous acrylic or mixed medium color blends. She has been exhibited widely, and  in 1981, her painting "A Dream of Living" received Le Prix de Peinture du Centenaire de Raymond Duncan at L'Academie des Duncans in Paris, France. In 1992, Guadulesa received an individual artist grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, for a special project Matrix 5. She explored meditating and painting with the 5 healing tones of her Tsalagi (Cherokee) ancestors to express a new realm of creative endeavor. A successful Kickstarter campaign allowed Guadulesa to publish a book Matrix 5: Tones of Resonance, drawn from her journal notes from the original Matrix 5 series. Her work is included in the Massachusetts collections of the Black Indian Inn, the Harriet Tubman Galley and Cambridge Lawyers Guild, as well as in private collections throughout the USA, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, Mexico, Israel and Spain. She is a member of the Arroyo Arts Collective, located in Northeast L.A.

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The Guadulesa 2019 Art Calendar now available.

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December 6, 2017 – January 20, 2018

The Guadulesa Solo Exhibit _ Resonance_at Avenue 50 Studio

131 N. Avenue 50, Los Angeles, CA 90042

20170723_Atlantis_Reborn_2_GuadulesaRivera_640x360detail: "Atlantis Reborn", mixed medium on canvas, 38" x 56"

20171206_set_up_225x320   20171209_LG_320x180        Exhibit installed by Greg Jezewski20171206_Ave50_1_640x360




20171209_Larry_180x320 20171209_GM_180x320 20171209_AR_180x320 Reception, December 9, 2018

NELA Artwalk    20171209_crowd_320x180  20171209_L_320x18020171209_G_640x320 


20171209_MA_320x180 20171223_SJ_320x192


20171209_TB_209x320  20180121_MR_320x180 20180121_GML_340x680



Sunday, November 19, 2017 10AM – 5PM

The Arroyo Arts Collective 25th Discovery Tour - Artist Open Studio  



November 11, 2017 7PM – 10PM

NELA Art Walk – Reception, Preview Exhibit - Arroyo Arts Collective Nov 11 - Dec 6, 201720171111_Ave50Studio_AACpreview_479x570Guadulesa - top right - Tribal Ghost Song, Larry & I Networking with Diana, Norma, Pedro & Peter

20171111_Ave50Studio320x180 20171111_LarryPeter_Hess_320x18020171111_Guadulesa_Rivera_Tribal_Ghost_Song_480x57520171111_AAC_Preview_180x320

Arroyo Arts Collective Discovery Tour November 19, 2017


The Brewery ArtWalk, 600 Moulton Ave, #205, Los Angeles, CA 90031 (off N. Main St, across from UPS facility) Sat & Sun, Oct 21 & 22, 2017 11AM - 6PM

2018 Art Calendar by Guadulesa, books and original paintings 

20171020_table_180x320   20171020_Wall_1_180x320  20171020_Wall_2_180x320  MAP_image001_317x239      The_Warrriors_Shield_c2015Guadulesa_239x253

Guadulesa exhibit at Eileen Fisher Robertson. West L.A. September 18 - 24, 2017

20170919_Guadulesa_at_Eileen_Fisher_195x32020170919_JA_Guadulesa_EileenFisher_320x22420170919_Guadulesa_at_Eileen_Fisher_182x32020170919_Guadu_EF_Front_signage_320x18020170923_Guadulesa_at_EF_Hilario_180x320  20170923_Guadulesa_at_EF_rack_shoes_180x320 20170924_Guadulesa_w_JohnAguilera_180x32020170919_Eileen_Fisher_entry_320x180  20170923_Guadulesa_Peace_rack_180x320

Power in the Words of Women - Creativity, Guadulesa with Regional Site Manager John Aguilera

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 The Guadulesa Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Matrix 5: Tones of Resonance -  available on AMAZON.COM or
on website -    estore-Guadulesa Rivera      
Matrix5_FrontCover_215x320     Matrix5_BackCover_215x320  
20170723_Escape_GuadulesaRivera_634x479 "Escape", 18"x24"
"Clear Sailing", 18"x24"
New items: Art Decor Pillows. Images (c)2016 Guadulesa Rivera Pillows_320x180
Pillow_Srand_180x320  OrigPaintings_180x320  GuadulesaRivera_ElEncanto_240x240_AAC2014Trinity_156x320Group_640x360 2016, November
Arroyo Arts Collective Preview Exhibit - Rock Rose Gallery - November 12th - December 4th at 4108 N. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles (Highland Park), CA 90042 curator Jeannie Frias
Work by Guadulesa on Exhibit - "Bembe - the gathering" , acrylics on canvas, 12" x 12"
Bembe_c2016_Guadulesa_Rivera_514x479RockRose_320x180 Guadulesa with Sound Artist Leila Sounds (L)
& Rock Rose owner Rosamaria Marquez (R)
We participated in the 24th Annual Arroyo ArtsCollective Discovery Tour - Sunday, November 20th 10a-5p
20161120_Sale_KariOcha_del_Rio_Nick_GiovonelloKendall_180x320c2015GuadulesaRivera_KariOchadelRio_AACShow11.22.15_240x300 "KariOcha del Rio", mixed medium on canvas, 24"x20" - sold 11/20/15 
The studio was host to 30 visitors.  LeilaEster_640x360
Rebecca_180x320  StevenLarry_180x320  After_Hours_320x180Guys_640x360
Prints on Canvas available:
 CanvasPrints_ElEncanto2_320x180  CanvasPrint_CriersDelight_2016_crop_240x240
Whispers_in_the_Dark_c2016_GuadulesaRivera_480x493 "Whispers in the Dark" 12" x 12"
Orbit_Around_the_Heart_244x239    "Love's Orbit", 12" x12"                                    Power_Corner_180x320 
July - "Purple Bus in the Sky", 24"x24", Acrylics on Canvas (below)
July - image 2016 Guadulesa Art Calendar - In the Name of Life
June - Collector picks up her painting: "Neptune and His Daughters". 30"x24", mixed medium on canvas
Boston, April 22 - May1
Exhibit and Performance at Gallery G of the Black Indian Inn
Improv Session with Glynis Lomon on cello, vocals and water-phone; Guadulesa - mixed medium on canvas
Monday, April 25 - Baby Eagle Flying            by Guadulesa      Thursday, April 28 - The Heavenly Hosts Sing
                     20160426_BabyEagleFlying2_180x320                                             20160428_TheHeavenlyHostsSing2_320x180
Improv Session with Glynis Lomon on cello, vocals and water-phone & Ebony 3 Arrows on percussion & voice
Guadulesa - mixed medium on canvas;    Public Reception, Saturday, April 30 -  Eagles' Nest in the City
20160428_EbonyGuadGlynis_320x180                              Ebony.DigestingTheMist.20160428_320x180
Exhibit at LA Artcore - March 2016, in collaboration with EastWest Players play by Giovanni Ortega, Criers for Hire
works by Guadulesa:
"A Celestial Transmission" - framed, 18" x 15", Mixed Medium on Canvas and "Criers' Delight" - 24" x 30", Mixed Medium on Canvas
"Ninth Heaven" - 24" x 12", Acrylics on Canvas and "Council of White Robes" - 24" x 12", Acrylics on Canvas
20160306_LarrywithMark_web  20160306_A_Celestial_Transmission_Eml20160306_AndreawithG_web 20160306_LarrywithMarthaandDan_web
20160306_GwithYolanda_web 20160306_RebeccawithG_320x180
12/5/15 LAST DAY - AAC Exhibit at Avenue 50 Studios, 131 N. Avenue 50, LA, CA 90042
2015_Nov7-Dec5Ave50Studio_cGuadulesaRivera_Moondance180x320 "Moondance", 24"x12", acrylics on canvas
The Guadulesa Studio - 11/22/15 - Discovery Tour Exhibit
We participated in the Arroyo Art Collective's 23rd Discovery Tour on Sunday, NOV. 22, 2015 10am-5pm
Featuring:           Interactive Art-Making with Guadulesa Rivera
and guest artists Michael Ramos Acosta, Chris Wallace & Esther Figueroa
                                Art Exhibit & Music
Autographed Book:  Matrix 5: Tones of Resonance 
Discounts for Tour Participants
           2016 Guadulesa Art Calendar                     
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All Images on this site © 2015 Guadulesa Rivera
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c2015GuadulesaRivera_KariOchadelRio_AACShow11.22.15_240x300"KariOcha del Rio, 24"x18", mixed medium on canvas
c2015GuadulesaRivera_PrintWall2_11.22.15_640x334prints on canvas
c2015GuadulesaRivera_PerformancePaintings_11.22.15AACShow_300x369performance paintings, 20"x16", mixed medium on canvas
c2015GuadulesaRivera_PrintWall_11.22.15Print wall
c2015GuadulesaRivera_PerformancePaintings_453x640performance paintings - The Power of Choice 1999, and Spirited 1997, and The Warrior's Shield, 2015
c2015GuadulesaRivera_AAC11.22.15_320x180Left-"The Brillaince of the Sun", performance painting with Arni Cheatham & group, 2001, and "In My Father's House", studio 2015.

November 11, 2015


A self-guided auto tour featuring more than 100 artists in homes and studios in Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Mount Washington, and neighboring areas.

Explore the vibrant community of Northeast LA, in a neighborhood where hip urbanity nestles side by side with the wilderness of the arroyo and the surrounding canyons. Featuring a diverse range of fine art and craft by both emerging and established artists, the Discovery Tour is one of the oldest and most eclectic art tours in Los Angeles. Don't forget to purchase your ticket available at Avenue 50 Studio, Galco's or online at

c2015GuadulesaRivera_NeptuneHisDaughters_AACShow_11..22.15_440x639"Neptune and His Daughters, sold to private collector - 30"x24", mixed medium on canvas, 2015 



 See excerpt below:


. This book is based on my notes from a Sound and Vision project, called Matrix 5. It was inspired by Voices of Our Ancestors: Cherokee Teachings from the Wisdom Fire, a book written by fellow Eastern Tsalagi (Cherokee) Dhyani Ywahoo. I received a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency, through support from the National Endowment for the Arts. My proposal addressed creative ways to blend art with science. 

I meditated and painted in a sound environment of pure sine tones. I had learned from Dhyani that our ancestors utilized the vibrations of five tones to address various illnesses, because each of our organ systems resonates with a particular tone. I entered the project using all my senses to analyze the effect the tones would have on me and the painted canvasses.

Detail Image: "The Timing of An Idea", created by Guadulesa in resonance with tone A @55Hz




Recent Paintings by Guadulesa

Contemplation_c2015Guadulesa_254x239      The_Warrriors_Shield_c2015Guadulesa_239x253         Moondance_c2015Guadulesa_176x320   



 The_Homesteaders_detaIL_C2015Guadulesa_240x320    The_Homesteaders_c2015Guadulesa_197x320    Epiphany_on_the_Mount_c2015Guadulesa_233x319


Prints on Canvas by Guadulesa




2014 - 
Arroyo Arts Collective 2014 Discovery Tour - Saturday November 22, 10AM - 5PM.  in Highland Park - Los Angeles, CA. Presented original paintings, prints on canvas, 2015 calendars and greeting cards.
November - Preview Exhibit - Arroyo Arts Collective at Avenue 50 Studio, 130 N. Avenue 50,  Los Angeles 

"Gerald Wilson Jumped Over the Moon" (c)2014 Guadulesa - in honor of composer/arranger/band leader/trumpeter who passed during the full moon 9/8/14 at age of 96, still performing!! 


November - Guadulesa - the Boston Years, at the Black Indian Inn, 38 Bicknell St, Boston
ReinventingRitual_cGuadulesa1996_217x320      GuadPerformance_BII_apr2013_320x240 

(L)  "Reinventing Ritual" created during performance at the Harriet Tubman Gallery

(R)  Guadulesa painting in performance at the Black Indian Inn with Glynis Lomon, Syd Smart & Ebony Three Arrows

 BII_Inventory_screen.painting_240x273    GuaduArt1_PerfBII_apr2011_240x311

(L)  Screen & Painting by Guadulesa exhibited at the Black Indian Inn 

(R) Performance Painting created at Black Indian Inn

Detail - Performance Painting created at Black Indian Inn      GuaduArt2_det2_PerBII_apr2011_240x316

July - OTHER WORLDS, curated by Miguel Olivares, at CINCO, 125 S. Avenue 57, Los Angeles

June - Arroyo Arts Collective at Heritage Sq Perry Gallery, LA

May - LAinLA - Latin American Artists in Los Angeles - LA ArtCore 


April - WORD - Rock Rose Gallery - Los  Angeles

March - Open Call - Barndall - LA Municipal Art Gallery

February - The Art of Black Jazz - Bunker Hill Community College - Boston

January - The Theresa Show - USES Harriet Tubman Gallery - Boston

January - Guadulesa at Cafe De Leche - Los Angeles


Detail: "Concrete Sacred Forms" (c)2013 Guadulesa Rivera